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Grobblechops helps children to deal with bedtime worries

Children’s book blogger Mama Filz included Grobblechops in her top books to read at bedtime! Read the review below!

The fear of monsters under the bed along with nightmares can begin when children begin school, around 4-5 years old. Grobblechops, though it is based on a tale from Rumi (a thirteenth century poet and philosopher) the storyline will resonate with many children, parents and carers. Jenny Lucander has drawn a very vivid, interesting looking monster who looks rather roarsome but actually readers will find that he shares many similarities with little people and perhaps is more lovable, given a chance.

Young Amir doesn’t want to go to bed as he is scared of the dark and thinks a monster might be waiting for him. His dad doesn’t dismiss the idea but gives Amir ideas on what to do, the key being super scary back. This book will be sure to encourage many a question but also explores a different way of dealing with worries children may have around bedtime.

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