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The illustrations are full of action, detail and emotion!

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Grobblechops is great for calming fears before bedtime

We love this wonderful review of Grobblechops from blogger Storywraps! They’ve even given it a rating of 5 hugs! Read it below.

Unwrapping the Story

Amir is adamant that he does not want to go to bed and he has a verbal altercation with his dad refusing to go.  Dad discovers that his small son is afraid of the dark and even worse, afraid that a monster might come in the night and eat him. Oh my! The poor little guy is very scared.
Dad assures his son that if a monster appears so will he with a frying pan to shake at him and ward him off.  Amir then says:
“But what if the monster has a dad too?” 
Dad says in that case he will call in more troops… mom with her huge umbrella and she will flap it right in the monster’s face.  That will certainly scare him off.
Amir keeps posing more what if questions until finally Dad gives hi m a scenario that appeases his fears and actually puts a smile on his face.  Why not be kind and gracious, share your toys and make the monster your friend instead thinking him as your enemy.

Satisfied, Amir picks up his teddy, hops into bed and settles down for the night.  Dad peeks his head back around the door and asks if Amir’s monster has a name.  Sleepily Amir replies that his name is Grobblechops and the he drifts off to Dreamland.

The illustrations are wonderful.  They are full of action, detail and emotion.  This book is perfect to share at bedtime if your little one is suffering from a bad case of “monsteritis”. ( I just made that word up ) It is a lovely segue to spark a conversation about being afraid of the dark and dealing with scary, imagined monsters.  It will calm fears and instill comfort and peace at bedtime.  I highly recommend this book.

Storywraps Rating – 5 HUGS!!!!!
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