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Our monster under the bed story Grobblechops has been featured in Publishers Weekly! Check out the fab review below!

This monster-under-the-bed tale, based on a story from Rumi’s Masnavi, is an unconventional and refreshing take on conquering fears. Amir’s fear of the titular monster, who “might have huge teeth and growl like a lion,” is maneuvered into a delightfully topsy-turvy comedy by Amir’s father. The father confidently suggests that Amir try to scare the monster (“you’ll terrify him”), and when Amir worries that the monster’s parents will come to eat the human parents, his dad assures him that “grown-ups, even grown-up monsters, like arguing more than fighting.” From that point on, Laird’s yarn spins into a comic and comforting tale of bravery and friendship despite differences, as Amir and Grobblechops share toys, then snuggle up in bed. Finnish illustrator Lucander perfectly mirrors the humor with dynamic scenes of scattered toys, skewed perspectives, and hilariously hideous beasts. A chaotic bedtime gambol. Ages 4–7. (Sept.)

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