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Read a wonderful review of The snowman and the Sun by Laura Davies for Outside in World:


The Snowman and the Sun
Author: Susan Taghdis
Illustrator: Ali Mafakheri
Translator: Azita Rassi
ISBN: 9781910328101

Reading age: Under 5’s and 6 – 8 (and 9 – 11 as a stimulus for philosophical enquiry)


This is a lovely book about what happens to a snowman when he melts – where does he go, what does he become?  The story prompts discussion around change and the impact of seasons on our natural environment and our place in it. It also offers opportunity for deeper reflection on the different stages in our life, how there can be ebbs and flows within our relationships with each other and that sometimes change is an inevitable but natural part of this process which can be embraced and enjoyed.


The Snowman and the Sun

The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and will help to assist more visual learners as they are a quite literal reflection of the story in the text. It is also a great introduction to the water cycle in a really fun and innovative way, so could easily be used in a geography lesson to help show the various forms that water takes on its life cycle. Lots of opportunity for cross-curricula learning, particularly with the early years as the text is well spaced and with a rhythm that makes it quite accessible even for less confident readers.

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