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Give the gift of beautiful picture books this Christmas! We have a whole stockingful of perfect presents for any age: our wordless picture book collection that transcends all barriers of age and language, our first picture book for adults, and two of our perennial favourites – plus some very special limited edition signed artwork prints.



Little Eli

Little Eli may be small but he has big dreams. In fact, for a dragonfly, you could say that Little Eli’s aspirations are sky-high. In his crumbling house, Little Eli sets off on a big adventure with a pack of cards, a box of eggs and a set of pencils. What’s the idea? To create towers as tall as can be. However, there are challenges along the way and it all seems to go wrong. But nothing can deter this dragonfly as Little Eli thinks of imaginative solutions to build his towers of dreams. This is a story of willpower and imagination, with appeal for all ages.

Read more about Little Eli and order it here.


The Lion Tattoo

One day a young man decides that he wants a lion tattoo. But as the tattooist begins her work, the young man feels the pain of the needle and decides that his lion doesn’t need a tail… or a stomach… or a mane!

Based on a tale by Rumi, this humorous yet philosophical picture book for age 16+ is guaranteed to make you think as well as laugh. With its luxurious cloth cover and small format, it also makes a perfect gift book, ideal for Christmas.

Read more about The Lion Tattoo and pre-order it here.


A Bottle of Happiness

There was once a big mountain. The people on one side were rich and worked only in order to get even richer. The people on the other side of the mountain were poor in possessions but had a wealth of stories and laughter. One day a poor young boy decides to seek a new story and this leads him to the rich people’s market place. He would love one of the ripe pieces of fruit, but what can a poor boy trade? Find out if it is possible to bottle and share joy and happiness in this timeless tale with a fairytale feel, exquisitely illustrated in eye-opening and unusual style.

Read more about A Bottle of Happiness and order it here.


When I Coloured In the World

We have now reprinted When I Coloured In the World! Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s beautiful poem of hope, featuring the iconic illustrations of Ehsan Abdollahi, has been refreshed with a brand new cover and a page of activities for children.

A child uses crayons to colour and change the world, rubbing out the bad things and replacing them with good. Boredom gives way to play, crying to laughter, war to peace and darkness to light. With a little colour and imagination, the world becomes a kinder, more hopeful place. When I Coloured In the World is a beautiful book with a simple poetic text and a profound, positive message.

Read more about When I Coloured In the World and order it here.


Limited edition signed artwork prints

One of the most distinguishing features of a Tiny Owl book is its illustrations. If you love the artwork from one of our books, or you know someone who does, click here to browse our beautiful collection of prints. You can choose from prints of Bijan and Manije, Will and Nill, The Little Black Fish, A Bottle of Happiness, and The Parrot and the Merchant.



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