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Gloria’s Porridge is a ‘marvelously crafted tale’! – Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

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Check out this five-star review of Gloria’s Porridge from the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database!

Title Name: Gloria’s Porridge

Author Name: Laird, Elizabeth

Review: Here is a story that makes eating porridge seem truly delightful! In this marvelously crafted tale, Gloria makes porridge one day while her cat watches, hoping to grab a bite. Gloria forbids the cat from tasting the porridge and heads to the stream for water. Of course, the feline decides to try it anyway—and ends up eating the entire pot. Gloria returns and discovers that all the porridge is missing, then shakes her spoon at the cat. The cat runs from the house and jumps on the back of a donkey, who had been taking a nap. The donkey laughs, which shakes the nearby tree and upsets a hive full of bees. The bees zoom about in a panic and fly towards a hen who is laying out corn on a mat. She is frightened. And so it goes. Soon, the entire natural world is upset, leading the fox asks what is going on. With encouragement from the fox, the animals and Gloria return to their duties. Gloria cooks another pot of porridge and, this time, she shares it with the cat. Later, Gloria and the cat rest beneath the shadows of a tree. With this delightful story, children discover the principles of cause-and-effect in a humorous way. Readers of all ages will enjoy meeting the entertaining characters who inhabit the pages of this book.

Ages: 5 – 8

Reviewer Rating: 5



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