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Donate Tiny Owl books to Doorstep Library!


Give the gift of reading to over 500 vulnerable children this Christmas and donate Tiny Owl books!

According to Doorstep Library, 1 in 3 children have never been read a bed time story. For children, routine is comforting and reassuring. That is why fairytales often begin with ‘Once upon a time’ or a story finishes with ‘The end’. Doorstep Library visit hundreds of vulnerable children each week, to ensure the joy of reading becomes part of their everyday lives.

The charity’s volunteers bring opportunity to the doors of more than 200 families in disadvantaged areas of London. They introduce and nurture an interest in reading for all the family. They need your donations to diversify their book stock so that children can see themselves in the books they read. For many of the families Doorstep Library work with, English is a second language and there is little or no access to books in the family home.

That is why Doorstep Library is such an important charity – reading aloud with children not only develops their language development and literacy, but it’s also a magical way to strengthen bonds with others. It can strengthen a child’s ability to learn, by relating stories to their lived experiences. It is the enthusiasm, the non-verbal interactions, and the act of sharing that helps children associate reading with pleasure. It’s the little things that can make a child feel safe, feel curious and full of wonder. If a child is given the chance to turn the pages of the story, they have the chance to control the pace and interact with the book.

For vulnerable children who don’t get the chance to control what is going on in their lives, there is the magical opportunity to dive right into different worlds. Reading encourages children to ask questions and develop a more rounded view of the world around them. Illustrations can play a crucial role in grabbing a child’s attention and allowing them to make connections between the story and their own personal experience. The ritual of going through a book together, talking about it and spotting little details in the pictures are all key to developing empathy and building relationships with others. With every minute a child enjoys book sharing, they have built on their ability to focus on the things that are important in their lives. Exposing children to diverse books will prepare them for the world as it really is. Patterns and routines that are set now will last a lifetime.

Written by Sorċa Davis

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