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The gift-giving season is upon us! Whether you celebrate a big traditional Christmas or are just looking for a perfect gift for a loved one, we have a suggestion: give them a picture book.

We’ve always believed that picture books can be for everyone, not just for children. They’re works of art in their own right, and their messages of positivity, love and hope can be appreciated by people big and small. There’s a book for every interest, every personality, every taste. They can be enjoyed over and over again, long after the Christmas decorations come down – and they don’t need batteries!

So we’ve started a campaign: #PictureBooksforGifts. Already we’ve had lots of responses on Twitter, from teachers sending their students home with books over the holiday, and parents who enjoy picture books as much as the children they give them to.

If you love picture books too, please join our campaign and encourage friends and families to do the same!



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