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Ehsan Abdollahi’s beautiful freedom-inspired poetry

We are very proud to share a beautiful poem by talented Iranian illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi! Ehsan has illustrated Tiny Owl books  When I Coloured in The World, Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me, and A Bottle of Happiness. This year, he is the illustrator in residence for Edinburgh International Book Festival, and has been involved with The Freedom Papers, for which drawn a stunning freedom-inspired illustration which is featured as the back cover. He has also written a wonderful poem for the book. The Freedom Papers is a collaborative project that spans authors and artists from across the globe, each sharing their unique ideas on freedom, and will be the inspiration for the closing concert of the festival for the ‘Freedom Finale‘!


Gift your love to my hands,

From your love, I spread my wings

In the blue sky

I freely soar,

I sing and dance,

I embrace and kiss the clouds

I meet the sun on the way

The clouds cry of happiness and it rains

I hold the hands of rain and the clouds and the sun

And we dance again

And from the magic of love and freedom our sky becomes colourful


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  • Ehsan Abdollahi named illustrator in residence for Edinburgh Book Festival
  • Read an interview with Ehsan!
  • Listen to a podcast featuring Ehsan, discussing art, borders and cultural collaborations!
  • 2017: Ehsan’s visa refusal overturned after overwhelming public support!

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