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We’ve put together some fun activities for teachers and parents to help enrich children’s reading of Grobblechops.

Read the book

Read the book out loud and enjoy the story. Then try doing it as a group dramatic reading. There are three parts — Amir, Amir’s dad and the narrator — which can be read by different children. Talk about how you might read the lines, for instance with a scared voice or a brave, confident voice. Try roaring like a lion or growling like a tiger. What might a monster’s voice sound like?

Change your perspective

Try retelling the story from the perspective of the character Grobblechops. How does he feel on each page of the story? Do you think he is scared of Amir?

Have a discussion

Here are some questions to discuss as a group or one-on-one:

  • Why was Amir afraid of the monster?
  • When might we feel scared? Examples to think about might be: meeting new people, starting a new school, or when you have a nightmare. What can we do to feel less scared?
  • Everyone feels scared sometimes. Can you think of a situation where feeling scared might help you?
  • In what ways are Amir and Grobblechops different? In what ways are they the same?
  • How can we benefit from having friends who are different from us?
Download your free worksheet here.

Make your own monster

Our free, downloadable ‘make your own monster’ worksheet lets children draw their own version of the monster under the bed. Using the template provided, they can design their own scary or cuddly creature. It might help to talk about parts of different animals they might include, such as a lion’s mane, a bat’s wings, or a fish’s scales. You could use books about animals or a Google search to find reference images. Once they’ve drawn and coloured in their monster, they can think of a name for it. Try jumbling letters to create a nonsensical name. A class could cut out their monsters and put them all on a display to create their own monster family.  Download your free worksheet here.

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