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Fantastic activities inspired by Grobblechops!

Grobblechops by Elizabeth Laird and illustrated by Jenny Lucander

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The wonderful Love My Books have put together some fantastic activities inspired by Grobblechops! Check them out below.


Read aloud
Read the story aloud, making sure you are cuddled up close!  Pause to talk about the pictures and what is happening.

Things to talk about

  • Take time to look and talk about the cover together. What do children notice? What kind of story might it be?
  • Talk together about any comments, questions or feelings they have about the story.
  • After finishing the book make links with their own experience for example, the best things about bedtime or anything that scares them.
  • What would they tell someone else about this book?

Things to make and do

Make a collage picture of an imaginary monster using different scrap materials such as paper, fabric, card or magazine pictures. What would be a good name for their monster? They can write it by their picture.

Where does their monster live? What does it do at night or during the day? What does it eat and what does it play with?

Make a simple book using 2 sheets of paper folded in half. Decorate the cover and then draw and write a monster story. Children can add big speech bubbles for ROARS and other scary sounds.

Make a collection of monster names from stories you know. See how many you can collect or invent!
Children could create their own monster alphabet.


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