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Fun and easy costume ideas for World Book Day!

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Illustration by Polly Noakes, from Dare.

Stuck for costume inspiration for World Book Day on Thursday 5th March? Fear not! We’ve put together some step-by-step ideas so that you can bring your favourite Tiny Owl characters to life.

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Grobblechops mask

Download our free mask template and get creative with your Grobblechops costume!

It is very important that children are accompanied by an adult during these activities, especially when using scissors. 

Step 1: After printing out your mask template, you should have four sheets. Using scissors, cut out the face template. You can trim it to fit your face, if needed. Don’t forget to cut out holes for the eyes!

Step 2: Cut out the remaining three sheets for Grobblechops’ mane. Now you can colour or paint your own unique Grobblechops! Watercolours and oil pastels are great for experimenting with blending colours.

Step 3: Now that your Grobblechops is bright and colourful, you can work on making your mask 3D. Cut scrap paper into strips and fold the strips to get make the paper ‘bouncy’. You can also fringe bits of scrap paper to create an eyelash effect. Arrange and stick these onto your Grobblechops mane.

Step 4: To make it sturdy, draw an outline of your mask onto card. Then back it onto card using Sellotape.

Step 5: Using scissors or a pen, pierce two holes on either side of your mask. Guide the string or ribbon through the holes and tie your mask in place.

Step 6: Wear your very own Grobblechops mask with pride, but try not to scare anyone…


If you’re feeling empowered, why not go as one of the inspiring characters from Dare! Here’s a step-by-step guide on making your own placard about a subject you care about.


Step 1: First, you’ll need to gather your resources. You will need some card, a wooden stick, scissors, paint or coloring pens, and sticky tape.

Step 2: Cut your card to size, depending on how big you would like your placard to be. Then get creative with your design! What would you like your placard to say? What do you feel strongly about? Our planet? Animals? Global warming? Try to make it as striking as possible, so that your friends can read it from a distance.

Step 3: Next, flip your design over and attach your wooden stick with sticky tape. Make sure it is secure. If you have reinforced tape at home, this might work better. You can make it double-sided by sticking two pieces of card together, and make a different design on each side.

Step 4: Raise that placard as high as possible and march around the playground with pride!

Felix After the Rain 

If you’re after a costume that doesn’t require as much work, why not dress up Felix after the rain! Once Felix’s worries are set free, he is full of joy and excitement!

Step 1: First, you’ll need to find a stripy top, black trousers, a black hat and a black suitcase or large bag.

Step 2: Next, add some red rosy circles to your cheeks using face paint or make up.

Step 3: Now here’s the fun part… Try making confetti for your hat with lots of different coloured paper!

Step 4: Felix is overjoyed once he is set free from the worries in his suitcase. Make sure you spread the happiness throughout the day with your huge grin!

Fair Shares

Looking for a character pair? Why not dress up as the lovable Bear and Hare from Fair Shares? It’s a particularly good choice for a pair of brothers or sisters!

Step 1: First, you’ll need to find some brown or black clothes, and some some rabbit or bear ears, depending on whether you’re Hare or Bear!

Step 2: Next, using face paint, add some rabbit teeth or a shiny black nose to your face.

Step 3: Don’t forget to collect your share of pears…

Step 4: Enjoy your pile of pears, and remember to share with your friends!

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