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Discover Anna Doherty’s brilliant Fair Shares activities!

Illustration by Anna Doherty

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Let’s share the magic of stories!

Have a look at these fabulous free activities put together by Anna Doherty, wonderful illustrator of Fair Shares!

What is fair?

Let your child decide which fruits to give each animal. How will they make it fair? Maybe there’s a number of them that doesn’t work out equally? If so, ask them to think up a fair way to decide who gets the extra one. Download activity here.

Sharing chart

This sharing chart is a great way for children to start thinking about sharing. For each day of the week they can note down when they have been a kind friend and shared something with the rest of the family. Download your sharing chart here.

How to draw a beetle

Beetle might be small, but he sure is wise! Those budding artists can have a go at drawing their very own beetle with Anna’s how-to guide! Download your step-by-step guide here.

Share a dance

Looking for ways to get your little ones moving whilst you’re all stuck at home? Why not join Hare, Bear and Beetle for a little dance! Download your dance routine here.







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