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Encourage children to value their own unique talents

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This delightful story is perfect for sharing with young children

We’re delighted with this brilliant review of Best Test from Anne Thompson over on A Library Lady! Have a read below.

Best Test is a gorgeous book full of kindness, understanding, friendship and smiles. A little bird finds a strawberry but Frog wants to eat it too, so does little Shrew so they have to decide how to solve the problem. A race! However each animal wants the race to suit their individual skills best so it must involve hopping, jumping and colouring-in. As they progress around the obstacle course they learn that helping each other and becoming friends is the best possible outcome.

This delightful story is perfect for sharing with young children as they learn to accommodate each other’s needs as they now spend time together after many months apart. Even the very youngest child will be able to empathise with the creatures. The fact they all have different skills is recognised and I love the way in which they help each other even when in competition. The text has a wonderful rhythm lending itself to being read aloud and the illustrations are a joy to explore. The animals’ individual personalities are evident and there are some lovely little touches such as Frog’s tongue sticking out of his mouth in earnest concentration and the funny faces section is a treat. A kind and thoughtful book encouraging children to value their own unique talents and to work together with others.

There are some enjoyable activities suggested on the Tiny Owl website.

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