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(written by Ali Seidabadi, Persian editor at Tiny Owl)


I have never been to London, but I know many of its streets. I’ve got familiar with London through stories, novels, and books. Many young Iranians become familiar with London, Paris, New York, etc. through fiction and films.


Sometimes I wonder how familiar a British, French, or American citizen is with our Tehran. I am almost certain that our knowledge of London, Paris, New York, or other cities are more complete and more correct than their knowledge of Tehran. The reason is clear too. We came to know their cities through books, movies, artworks, and cultural creations; whereas they got to know ours through the news.


A knowledge obtained via art and literature is a deeper, less biased knowledge.


As an Iranian writer of books for children and young adult, I welcome what Tiny Owl Publishing House has done, as it opens a new window to our culture.


(to be continued)

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