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Are you prepared for valentine’s day?

The Parrot and the Merchant, The Lion TattooThe Parrot and the Merchant, The Lion Tattoo
The Parrot and the Merchant, The Lion Tattoo

Yes forget roses and chocolate! Why? Roses wilt, and chocolates get eaten; the most lasting book you can give this valentine’s day is a book, or three! Love fills all our books. From the carefully crafted illustrations which are works of love, to the words of inspiration and hope which fill our books. These books are for everyone, so why not give the gift of a beautiful artwork, a picture book, this year?

Most people think valentines’ day is about romantic love: boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, partners. We believe that valentines’ day should celebrate all types of love, especially family. So, we have a selection of three books which would be perfect for showing whoever you love, how much they mean to you.

1) The Lion Tattoo would be the perfect gift for older readers. It’s a humorous tale about a cowardly man who cannot stand the pain of the tattoo needle. The ferocious lion he asks for becomes a bizarre creature without a tail, mane or stomach. Not only is this beautiful book filled with funny illustrations; it also has a deeper message about the importance of following through with your actions.

2) The Parrot and the Merchant would be an ideal book for you to give to your loved one.It tells the tale of a rich merchant who owns a beautiful parrot which she loves dearly and keeps in a cage. But one day, she realises that if she truly loves the parrot then she must let it fly away. This book is idea for parents who want to raise children to be selfless in their love for others. What better gift to give the person you love the most: your children.

Bijan & Manije

3) Bijan and Manije is a beautiful love story, with colourful and rich illustrations, which tells the tale of two lovers who are divided by their culture. Manije is the daughter of Bijan’s enemy, and yet when they meet they fall in love, and refuse to leave each other. It echoes another great love story, Romeo and Juliet, adding in the flavour of ancient Persia.

Happy Valentine’s day! Enjoy the books.

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