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Last ends with hope!

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Last makes you think about the animals on our planet

We’re delighted with this delightful review of Last from The Library Mouse Tales! Have a read below.

Based on the true story of a Northern White Rhino called Sudan. At the age of 2 he was captured from the wild and taken to a zoo in the Czech Republic. He was part of a breeding programme that was trying to save White Rhinos from Extintion. Sadly it was not successful. After being returned to Africa with 2 females , he died in 2018. He was the last living male White Rhino. When the two females die, the species will be extinct!

This book really makes you think about the animals on our planet. More and more habitats are destroyed each day and more animals will become extinct.

The illustrations are so detailed. This is the authors first book that she has illustrated herself. I hope she makes more picture books. You can see the sadness in the eyes of the animals and imagine how they must feel trapped in grey captivity.

Then there are the happy times, illustrated in bright colours showing the animals free out in the wild. The story ends with some hope…

Scientists hope that one day they will be able to use Sudan’s DNA to create new Northern White Rhinos. I hope this works. We all need to work harder to look after our habitats and the animals that live there or I’m scared that Sudan won’t be the last animal to face extinction.

My score: 5/5

If you want to learn more about Sudan… National Geographic article by Amy Vitale

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