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Felix After the Rain sends a powerful message to any young reader!

A perfect book to share in any PSHE lesson!

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We’re over the moon with this FIVE star review of Felix After the Rain from the fabulous Reading Zone! Read what Louise Gahan had to say below!

Felix After the Rain is a book about how we can be weighed down with the burden of sorrow and misery and the relief and joy that comes with letting go.

Felix hides all his sorrow in a black suitcase that he carries with him wherever he goes. One day, a boy opens the suitcase and all Felix’s worries come pouring out, leaving Felix free and joyous.

At the start, the book leads us through Felix’s ‘fields’ of negative feelings which somehow gain momentum, layer upon layer of sadness and turmoil are put upon us as we share in Felix’s pain. The struggle to externalise those feelings become all-consuming and exhausting. Felix is so lost in the sorrow he does not have the strength and courage to unburden himself. As with so many people in life, it is at those times that we need a a little help from our friends.

Dunja Jogan has created a beautiful book that deals with difficult feelings and mental health. Her illustrations are highly emotive and send a powerful message to any young reader that there is always help. A perfect book to share in any PSHE lesson, across the key stages.

Picture book / Ages 4-8 years / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher

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