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Chalk Eagle
Chalk Eagle

Teachers! If you’re considering what book to next use in class, then perhaps you should consider a wordless picture book like Chalk Eagle. Wordless picture books can often be left behind by schools, but we think that they need to embrace the wonderful treasure that are wordless picture books. We can’t wait for the day when all schools read wordless picture books regularly with their children.

So, here are five reasons why schools need wordless picture books like Chalk Eagle: 

1) Chalk Eagle empowers young storytellers. The only thing on the page are Nazli Tahvili’s bold screen-printed illustrations, giving children the freedom to narrate their own story. They can decide where the boy and his eagle fly to and who they see. It is a fantastic book for encouraging children to test their creativity.

2) It breaks down barriers in classrooms. Regardless of reading ability, or language, all children can come together and read Chalk Eagle. When the words are taken away the stresses of trying to understand them also goes, and children can enjoy reading just the way they are meant to. The whole class can be united within this one book, which is a beautiful thing.

Chalk Eagle
Chalk Eagle

3) Chalk Eagle encourages children to notice the little details. Children are very good at being able to pour over beautiful illustrations and notice everything, especially when there is no text. Perhaps your children will notice the small cat that is in almost every illustration, or the small details on the boy.

4) It encourages cooperation. When the children are in charge of telling the story it allows them the chance to work together as narrators. Perhaps one child could tell the story of the boy’s encounter with the eagle, while another could narrate the adventures themselves. The possibilities are endless.

5) It appeals to everyone, regardless of race, culture, and language. Without the words we read Chalk Eagle in our own voice. We become the boy, and our adventures become his. Wordless picture books appeal to everyone.

Wordless picture books like Chalk Eagle are a treasure trove for schools. They inspire creativity, independent thought, and build relationships, which is why we think that every single school needs books like Chalk Eagle.

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