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Pullen Yard

It was a tough day to get into the office – the tube strikes sent the Walworth Road into chaos – but by 10am the Tiny Owl team had made it in to our fantastic new office in Pullens Yard. Based in Kennington, these Victorian mews are unique work spaces. Within the yards exist diverse and established arts businesses, ranging from potters, lute makers, furniture designers, painters and architects. We have joined publisher Can of Worms above a florist. Books and flowers – it couldn’t get any better. And an amazing collection of typewriters –heaven.

By 12pm, we were fully set up with our Persian rug, world map and miniature owls, ready to face the new year and all the challenges and excitement it may bring.


We’re thrilled to be working with established artist Hoda Haddadi, illustrator for A Rainbow in My Pocket, on a new book for 2017. You can see a sneak preview of her work here.

A beautiful illustration by Hoda Haddadi from our forthcoming book

We’re also excited to be working on a wordless book project from Italy and are looking forward to be expanding our intercultural projects across the globe. Please do get in touch if you have any ideas – we’d love to hear from you.

Finally, we’d like to thank Kenilworth Books for their amazing window display. It was such a good start to 2017 and we’re thrilled to begin the year with such positive feedback:


Books like these from Tiny Owl [that] feed our knowledge of the world, and encourage both adults and children to see the astonishing beauty and intelligence of cultures other than our own. If our children grow up with these books we will have a generation of adults who greet new ideas and other cultures with joy, rather than fear”.



Read more about Hoda Haddadi 


Visit our bookstore here


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