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We’re absolutely delighted with this special feature on The Secret of the Tattered Shoes over on LovemybooksUK! It’s so lovely to hear about how Larra was inspired to design her own dresses! Have a read below.

Divya tells us how this beautiful picturebook captured her daughter Larra’s imagination:

‘The Secret of the Tattered Shoes is a wonderful and beautifully illustrated book. Once Larra began reading, she was engrossed in the story of the soldier and the events taking place in the nearby castle.  The words in the book are incredibly descriptive and she was exposed to new words.  The story itself is mysterious and Larra was drawn in from the get-go and asked hundreds of questions.  Together we spoke about reasons the shoes would be tattered; perhaps there were mice in the castle or perhaps the castle staff were wearing them and going out!  The elements of magic were also fun and Larra said she wished she could have an invisibility cloak too and solve crimes.

Larra decided to draw pictures of various shoes with different designs fashioning them for princesses. It was wonderful to see her take the book to an activity level and she shared her pictures and thoughts with family and friends.  As there were so many images in the book of flowers, plants and trees, we decided to have a play around with some henna patterns on her hand during the Easter holidays which was a lot of fun!  She was also fascinated about the princesses dancing every night and enjoyed dressing up as though she were going to a ball and dancing in the living room.

Larra read this book several times alone and sometimes to an adult too.  Her Papa really enjoyed it and she read it to him the most. I would definitely recommend this book and hope your child gets as much joy and inspiration from it as mine did.’

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