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Children are encouraged to communicate their worries

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A story that will comfort and reassure!

We’re delighted with this fantastic review of Felix After the Rain from A Library Lady as part of her favourite books of 2020 so far! Read Anne Thompson’s review below.

This is such a beautiful book. Wonderful illustrations which encourage the reader to linger combine with a rich text to create something that will comfort and reassure. Felix is unhappy. He carries a large black suitcase around with him everywhere. Although he does not really understand what is in the suitcase it contains grief, hurt and worry. All these feeling are locked away in the case. Until one day a little boy opens the suitcase while Felix sleeps and releases the sorrow, fears and troubles that have been hidden inside. Felix is uplifted and, full of joy, he rejoins the world around him and discovers that he is welcomed. This is a wonderful book to prompt discussion with children about emotions and how to handle feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety. The story ends with Felix being gently embraced by those around him. I think this is perfect. Felix is being treated with care, he will not be overwhelmed by others as he rejoins the world he had cut himself off from. This will, I think, reassure children that should they be brave enough to communicate their worries and not hide them away they too will be treated with gentleness and care. Sadly this could be a useful book to have in the classroom to help children who may be feeling overwhelmed by recent events or bereavement. My full review contains a link to a video trailer from Tiny Owl.

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