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The powerful illustrations allow a visceral insight into Felix’s experience

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We’re over the moon to announce that Felix After the Rain has been selected as part of CLPE’s staff recommendations for the best children’s books in 2020! Read Charlotte’s delightful review below.

As primary teachers, we’re always aware that one of the things that will help children to succeed with learning and in life is learning how to recognise and manage their emotions. It’s as important for children in the transition to secondary as it is for those just starting school. This skilfully illustrated picturebook allows children to engage with a character feeling overwhelmed by his emotions.

Alongside richly poetic text, Jogan uses colour and line expertly, to craft rich and powerful illustrations that allow young readers a visceral insight into Felix’s experience, heightening their understanding of the character’s situation and allowing opportunities for empathetic reflection. You can sense that an awful lot of care was put into the translation from the original Slovenian by Olivia Hellewell, as not a beat is lost in the rich rhythms of the text. It takes real skill to do this so effectively and is so often taken for granted.

This is a picturebook that could be used with children of all ages. Younger children will be able to use the text to recognise, name and talk about emotions, older children will be able to have rich discussions about how Felix’s emotional journey has been portrayed in words and pictures, drawing on their extended life experience.

Tiny Owl is a much needed publisher, bringing diverse books to the market that just aren’t available in the mainstream offering. Please do look into the texts they publish and bring these to your classrooms and libraries; they offer something special for your readers.

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