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The sun always shines after the rain!

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The wonderful BookBairn has shared this delightful review of Felix After the Rain! Have a look at what Kim had to say!

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There are lots of fabulous books that open conversations for children about mental health and this new book does it in a beautiful metaphor of a big black suitcase. Felix hides all his worries and sorrows inside it and carries it with him wherever he goes. His grandma used to say to him that the sun always shines after the rain and that after every uphill climb there’s a downhill stroll. So one day when he meets a boy at the top of a hill, and the boy opens his suitcase, all the worries and sadness that Felix has been carrying with him for so long, pour from him. And he is uplifted, free and full of joy. The spectacular illustrations bring to life te darkness with the suitcase and contrast with the colourful joys that spreads afterwards. A beautiful visual for children to open up, to share a problem and feel the relief that sharing can bring and incredibly poignant right now. (Sent by the publisher @tiny_owl_publishing for review.)

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