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Felix After the Rain is picked as a top recommended read for Year 3 students!


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We feel so happy that another one of our books has made it onto these lists of recommended reads by headmaster Simon Smith! This time it’s wonderful Felix After the Rain being recommended for Year 3 students. Take a look below!


Felix after the Rain by Dunga Jogan and Olivia Helliwell

Felix’s grandma used to tell him that after the rain, comes the sunshine.

Felix is tired of carrying around his heavy, black suitcase filled with all his worries and woes, but he can’t seem to let go of it. Until one day a young boy opens up the suitcase and lets all the feelings escape! Felix learns that his grandma was right: sad feelings can’t last forever. Felix After the Rain is an uplifting story about a boy who learns to overcome his sadness by letting out his emotions.

A book about dealing with our problems and sharing them. Felix After the Rain is a clever way to discuss feelings. Visually eye-catching, it’s clever use of colour and light and dark is perfect for helping children understand the emotion in the text. It will show them that it is good to talk about any sad feelings, worry or anger they have. Powerful stuff about dealing with problems and the burdens we sometimes carry.



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