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Felix After the Rain is accessible to a wide range of ages!

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The wonderful Books for Topics has shared this fantastic review of Felix After the Rain! Have a look!

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🌼Picture books can be a great tool for developing emotional literacy!🌼 Felix After the Rain is a new picture book from @tiny_owl_publishing, exploring the themes of sadness and friendship. Accessible to a wide range of ages, we can all empathise with the heavy feeling of carrying around negative emotions, and the wonderful clarity and lightness when you finally let them go. Head over to our blog (➡️link in bio⬅️) to see our full review! After the loss of his grandmother, teasing from his friends and harsh words from his father, Felix is dragging a dark, heavy suitcase with him everywhere he goes. He wants to just leave it behind but can’t help himself pushing it up the highest hill. Luckily, one day, a young boy comes and opens the suitcase, releasing the emotions and Felix’s tears. After this cathartic event, Felix feels a renewed joy and wonder at the lighter, brighter world he finds. He is ready to hug the world, and the world is ready to hug him back. From the attractive front cover with appealing colours and glistening, shiny raindrops onwards, the artwork perfectly captures Felix’s emotions through changes in tone and style. The words (beautifully translated from Slovenian by Olivia Hellewell) convey so much with so little. From the brilliant first line, ‘Felix was a terribly unhappy boy’, to the subtle use of alliteration and gentle repetition, the story is wonderful to read aloud. A worthy addition to any library and highly recommended for young children struggling with dark emotions. Head over to our blog (➡️link in bio⬅️) to find our full review. Many thanks @tiny_owl_publishing for my #gifted copy. #picturebook #hopeinascaryworld #tinyowl #emotionalliteracy #childrensbooks #childrensbooksillustration #kidlit #schoollibrarians #pshe #ks1teachers #primaryteachers #booksfortopics

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