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The world is waiting for Felix with open arms!

A powerful way to delve right in to children’s thoughts

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The wonderful Dolphin Booksellers have written a brilliant review of Felix After the Rain. Read their review below.

Felix hides all of his sorrows inside a large black suitcase that he carries with him wherever he goes. One day a small boy opens the suitcase and Felix wakes with all the tears he has been hiding inside for so long. Free from his tears and worries Felix journeys back into the world which is waiting for him with open arms.

A beautiful book, a wonderful story of how a child fills his world with sorrow and can not find a way back to being happy. Until somehow a boy manages to find a way in to opening the suitcase.

This story can be used when children are feeling sad and can’t deal with their emotions. A powerful way to delve right in to their thoughts without causing too much hurt.

Felix After the Rain from Tiny Owl Publishers, is written and illustrated by Dunja Jogan and translated by Olivia Hellewell from Slovenian into English and funded through a PEN Translates Award to Tiny Owl to bring this book to an English-speaking audience.

I had to write about this book as it is just right for a very special young girl I know , who is suffering from carrying too much hard stuff in her suitcase.

Publication date is February 24th 2020. Definitely a book to have in school, at home and in libraries.

Sue Martin

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