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Felix After the Rain is a jubilant, visually dramatic allegory!

The scenery mirrors Felix’s emotional outlook!

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We are thrilled with this wonderfully thoughtful review of Felix After the Rain shared by Kirkus Reviews all the way in the US! Have a read below!

Unhappy Felix finds himself always carrying a heavy black suitcase.

He walks far, all the time toting this inhibiting weight. He doesn’t know exactly what is inside, but “something dark” or “something bothersome” creeps within after unhappy moments in Felix’s life. When Felix pauses his trek to take a nap, a young boy comes along and opens the suitcase. The sky turns gray and Felix sheds “tears that [run] down his cheeks like the rain.” But once the storm passes, Felix’s burden is no more. He revels in the world around him, giving out hugs to those he meets (with permission), and returns home “empty handed but with a heart full of happiness.” The scenery mirrors Felix’s emotional outlook: Black and gray surround him in the beginning and are released from the suitcase, but colors burst to life everywhere after the storm dissipates. Jogan’s illustrations are an organic mixture of swirls and many painterly textures. Each page turn yields a double-page spread, so the images are sweeping; this is appropriate, as the illustrations effectively carry the emotional resonance of the story while the succinct, translated Slovenian text supports them. This symbolic tale leaves a few gaps (is the child who opens the suitcase a younger Felix, hinted by their similar clothing?) but effectively communicates a moral of emotional honesty and freedom.

A jubilant, visually dramatic allegory. (Picture book. 3-8)

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