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Tiny Owl is pleased to be featured within the pages of Chicken! Newspaper. It is an innovative resource offering realistic views on current events for children. The cover of Issue 8 is an illustration from one of Tiny Owl’s publications. When I Coloured in the World is a perfect fit for this edition of Chicken! as the book’s theme of how positivity can change the world is reflected throughout this issue. Issue 8 focuses on Earth, sustainability, and how children can help affect the situation around them as well as globally. When I Coloured in the World mirrors these environmental concerns through the simple childhood activity of colouring. As the narrator colours deserts and droughts, the world around them is altered to a bright and colourful place of roses and rain. Both When I Coloured in the World and Chicken! demonstrate how effective it can be to think and act positively in order to successfully create change in our world and most importantly, how children can be part of it.

  • This book was selected among the best children’s books of 2015 by the Guardian
  • review by Book Trust: A world without discrimination, poverty or inequality

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