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Jackie Morris with Tiny Owl!

We’ve added more brilliant rewards for you to get your hands on…

Introducing these stunning ink otters painted by the wonderful artist Jackie Morris. Jackie’s very kindly donated these gorgeous otter luggage tag labels, using sumi ink, to our #TinyOwlCrowdfund!

Read her blog below.

Last year I published a book with an amazing publisher called Tiny Owl. The Secret of the Tattered Shoes is a retelling of an old story, with a twist. It is stunningly illustrated by Ehsan Abdoullahi, beautifully made with gorgeous paper. I am so glad that it is one of four titles I have on the Greenaway nominations list. (two are illustrated by me, one by James Mayhew and this book by Ehsan)

Many booksellers have struggled during the pandemic, smaller ones more than most. They don’t have the budget to print huge stock, nor the budgets for marketing. When bookshops closed, then Amazon stopped selling books, ‘to focus on essentials’, it left these smaller presses in chaos. And although the government offered some funding help Tiny Owl were turned down for funding. I think it was declared that they were ‘unsustainable’. Well, that goes for so many small presses who publish out of passion and in ordinary circumstances get by and create a living for a few people, whose targets are not growth, but who never the less earn there place in the industry, increase the diversity of that industry, and, well, in short, are quiet genius at work.

So, Tiny Owl has launched a crowdfunder to help them survive over the next few months. To add to this I am offering for sale this fold out book.

Jackie Morris’s beautiful otter prints

Some time ago I made an alphabet of otters. This fold out book is an original, painted word in the Twentysix Otters of the Alphabet and it spells out the word ‘kindness’. It can be opened out and framed, or folded and kept as a book. It is £1 500 and comes with a scan of the otter alphabet.

You can also see there are four labels there. These are £85 each, and I am happy to paint more….

To buy any of these please email me jackie at jackiemorris dot co dot uk and I will tell you how to proceed.

Tiny Owl were a joy to work with on this book. Their care at every stage, to ensure our book glowed was wonderful. They build bridges across cultures where others would have us build walls.

If you are a bookshop please take a look at their books and stock them, show them to your customers, talk about them. Of their titles I particularly love The Tattered Shoes, and all of Ehsan’s other titles. It was a joy, a privilege, to work with him. Also Last by Nicola Davies and The Black Fish by Farsheed Mesghali, who won the Hans Christian Anderson award. And you can buy books direct from Tiny Owl.

If you can donate to the crowd funder please do, and share this post and their crowdfunding page. You can also support by buying books, either direct from Tiny Owl or through your local indie bookshop.

Do email me if you would like to purchase a kindness of otters in support of this amazing company. And have a look at their crowdfunder page as they have many beautiful rewards.

How can beauty and passion be considered to be unsustainable?

We need it more than ever if we are to survive these days.

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  • Yippee! The Secret of the Tattered Shoes is nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2021!
  • The Secret of the Tattered Shoes is one of the Guardian’s best books of 2019!

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