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Tiny Owl’s Fairy Tale Campaign continues

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For thousands of years, people have been telling stories. From this rich global heritage, we can find fairy tales that are strikingly similar but also different. Each culture has their own version of these tales, and, even today, fairy tales have a lasting significance. Children from all over the world still grow-up listening to them.

Our new series, One Story, Many Voices explores well-known fairy tales told from unique perspectives from all over the world. So, with this in mind, we contacted authors, and experts, asking them the same two questions:

1) What versions of well-known tales were you told as a child? Who told them to you? And where did they come from?

2) Fairy tales often come from stories told a long time ago. Do you think these stories are still relevant today? And, if so, why?

We have a wonderful response from Anne Booth.

Anne Booth: 

Anne Booth

Fairy stories are still relevant today

1.I remember my Irish mum telling me the sad story of the children of Lir, one she had learnt from her school days. And I also remember looking at the beautiful illustrations in the The Well Loved Tales series of books by Ladybird, written by Vera Southgate and mostly illustrated by Robert Lumley and Eric Winter. I particularly remember Cinderella, Rose Red and Snow White, and Rumpelstiltskin.


2.I think fairy stories are still relevant today – so many fairy stories are about coping with love and loss, overcoming fear, and having hope, and these are all things children and adults still think about today. Encountering them in magical settings makes them easier to cope with, and lots of fun to read, write and illustrate!

Anne Booth is a children’s author living in Kent. She will be part of an exciting Tiny Owl project next year. Watch this space! 

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