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•Fair Shares by Pippa Goodhart & illustrated by Anna Doherty• 🐻🐰🍐🌳 @tiny_owl_publishing This heart-warming story has a deceptively simple but very important message! When Hare and Bear come across a pear tree, frustratingly neither of them are tall enough to reach the pears. Luckily, they find three chairs nearby but they have some trouble sharing them out equally… It’s only when their little friend Beetle points out that Hare needs two chairs while Bear only needs one, that they realise that giving everybody the same thing isn’t always fair. Goodhart encourages us to recognise differences. We are all unique, with different tastes and different needs, and it is important to be mindful of that. The beautiful, vibrant illustrations enhance the positive message, and the playful rhymes add to the humorous twist at the end! A brilliant introduction to sharing, the use of empathy, and even problem solving. This overriding message sums up the ethos of Tiny Owl Publishing: picture books for everyone. ✨✨✨✨

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  • How can we explain the idea of fairness to children?

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