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Heartwarming, fun and colourful!

Fair Shares gives the reader more than one way of sharing!

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We’re delighted with this fantastic review of Fair Shares from the brilliant Reading Pebbles! Fair Shares has been featured in their blog promoting great books for friendship, sharing and worries. Read the review below!

A heartwarming, fun and colourful picture book, with an important message about sharing. A bear and a hare both want a pear, but neither can reach them. In their attempt to do so they learn that ‘being fair’ doesn’t always mean ‘getting the same’.  I can see this being really popular with children aged 2 to 6 years and their parents/carers. The later whom will really appreciated the way it gives the reader more than one way to look at sharing. Great rhyming language, told in a way that young children will really be able to relate too, and an great twist at the end.

The pictures are vibrant and colourful, making great use of orange, green and yellow. Anna Doherty the illustrator explains at the back page that that the art work was produced digitally, but she scanned textures she had made in pen and ink for the animals fur. The contrast between the two works brilliantly. There are also the most delightful end-pages.

You can find out more about publisher Tiny Owl the publisher and buy the book here. 

Thank you to Tiny Owl for a free copy of this book to review.

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