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Primary teacher and book blogger Mr B has written a lovely review of Fair Shares! Read it below!

Pippa Goodhart explores the concept of fairness in this beautifully illustrated picture book by Tiny Owl.

As primary school teachers, we often hear those agonising words “That’s not fair.”

But this uplifting picture book teaches children that fairness is not about receiving the same thing.

Bear and Hare are trying to nibble a pear from the tree, but they are too high up and so they conjure a plan of using chairs.

But one character is going to be left a little hungry…

The book celebrates our differences and acknowledges that we all have different likes and needs. It explores how the perceived process of fairness can sometimes be destructive.

It’s perhaps gratifying that the character who provides the perfect definition of fairness is the smallest character in the book who would’ve needed the most help of all.

This subtle, heuristic picture book provides the perfect lesson on fairness.

  • How can we explain the idea of fairness to children?

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