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Fair Shares is a MUST for any child’s library! – Little Cub Literacy

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We’re delighted with this gorgeous review of Fair Shares from Little Cub Literacy over on Instagram! Have a look!

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This is one of those books that, once I read it, I'd wished I owned years ago. One that speaks to children and clearly portrays that fairness≠the same thing. When you gather a bunch of 5- and 6- year olds together and try to tell them ONE student gets to "play with" therapy putty after finishing their work, ONE student gets five extra minutes to complete an assignment, or THREE children "get to" use pencil grips on their pencils, they inevitably ask "but why can't we all?" And then you try your best to explain that what's fair isn't always equal, but it falls on mostly deaf ears and you're left with some kids who think maybe you're just mean and that's why they don't get putty? Enter Bear + Hare, the loveable duo in Fair Shares. Both animals want to grab some fresh pears from a full tree, but neither can reach! Hare decides he'll grab a few chairs so they can access the pears, and he comes back with three chairs. Passing them out, Hare ends up with TWO and Bear with ONE. Naturally, Bear says that's not fair, and Hare agrees. He puts the extra chair off to the side. Now that they each have a chair, it's time to get pickin'! Except… While Bear is plucking pear after pear from the tree, Hare *still* can't reach. Bear is much taller than Hare, so while one chair is enough for Bear, it's still too short for Hare. A small, wise + observant beetle calls out to Bear and Hare. "I just thought you should know that giving everybody the same thing isn't always fair," he tells them. WOW! The imagery here makes it so clear to see that of course Beetle is right! (Let's say you want to use this in Math! If Hare is 3 feet, Bear is 6 feet, and the pears are sitting right at 9 feet on the tree, Hare and Bear will need different heights to make up for the difference. Hare will need a 6 foot chair tower while Bear will only need a 3 foot chair tower! And yes, that means each chair is 3 feet!) I can't express how important this book is for little readers to grasp the true concept of fairness as a level playing field. This is a MUST for any child's library! Age Range: 4-8 years Publisher: Tiny Owl (UK), Kane Miller (US) Publication Date: 5 Sept. 2019

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