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9781910328156Meet two lazy, crazy and adorable cats called Will and Nill in this fabulously original book from Tiny Owl
Will and Nill are cats. Now, we’ll take it as read that you know what a cat is – and possibly that you know just how popular cats are on the internet. They’re also very popular with us, and when we recently compared all the cat books we’d reviewed vs all the dog books, cats came out as the clear winners.

Will and Nill are always hungry, just like most cats, but while Nill loves nothing better than to bask in the hot sun dreaming about food with his tummy gurgling, Will loves to take his mind off his hunger by going outside and playing.

When Will discovers something rather tasty and pretty stinky, he has a quandary on his hands. Should he scoff his ill gotten gains or share with his friend?

As we’ve said before with Tiny Owl books, you know you’re in for a treat the moment you spot the attractive cover of Will and Nill, and you know that tucked away inside you’ll find an engaging story offering a pretty neat little life lesson imparted by fabulous characters. That’s exactly the case here, you couldn’t hope for two more entertaining feline hosts for a brilliant little story book.

Will & Nill-1

Charlotte’s favourite bit: Will’s rather sneaky expression as he marvels at his ‘discovery’

Daddy’s favourite bit: Fab feline friendships and cat antics in this gorgeously attractive and fabulously original story.

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