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Our new paperback release: Alive Again, The Parrot and the Merchant and A Bird Like Himself

We’re very excited to announce the paperback release of three of our titles!

The Parrot and the Merchant

The Parrot and the Merchant

Of all the birds that the wealthy merchant keeps the Parrot is her favourite, because he can speak to her. But when she goes away buying and selling, the gift she brings back for him will teach her something special about how to treat the bird she loves.

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An illustration from Alive Again

Alive Again

As the blossom blows away, the harvest disappears and the winter makes journeys too difficult. A young boy wonders, can they ever come back again if the very word for them is gone?

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An extract from A Bird Like Himself

A Bird Like Himself

When a chick hatches from an egg with no one to look after him, lots of different animals decide to take on the task. But who will be able to teach him what only birds can do?

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