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The New Baby and Me
The New Baby and Me

The arrival of a baby brother or sister can be a wonderful time to celebrate with children. This exciting period is something that our latest picture book, The New Baby and Me, explores. It features lovely craft activities from the illustrator, Hoda Haddadi, which parents and children can do together to welcome a new baby home. So get crafting with your children and harness the excitement of a new arrival.
Here are three fantastic children’s craft activities from Hoda:

1) Design a welcome home sign to greet the new baby with when it arrives. Gather bits of old paper or materials such as wrapping paper, cards, and even foil. Use all these materials to create letters and decorations for the sign, and then hang it on the wall, or nursery, for the baby to see.

2) Create a new baby and me collage. Use different materials, papers, and photos. Make it personal by using family photos, and paint to stamp footprints and handprints onto the collage. It will celebrate both the new baby and all its siblings, plus everyone will have fun creating it.

3) Make a new baby and me scrapbook. Where were you born? How much did you weigh? Who was your first visitor? You can record all the moments and decorate them with trinkets and photos from the time. Design one page for yourself and one page for the new baby.

Doing activities such as crafts or reading stories helps children to feel involved. It can prepare them for the unfamiliarity of a new sibling and allows children and adults to bond. So get cracking with these fantastic crafts!

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