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Meghan Sullivan

Today we welcome a new Tiny Owl to the nest! Meghan Sullivan joins us as intern and publisher’s assistant. Read all about why she’s excited to start.

This year ends on a surprising note, we’re all excited to rush home from work to spend time with our loved ones, and yet I can’t wait for work to begin. Next year I will begin working at Tiny Owl as a Publisher’s Assistant. My role is a teeny bit of everything, from helping with the blog, to working on marketing.

I am completely enamoured with anything ancient, studying classics will do that to you, so Tiny Owl’s connection to the poet and philosopher Rumi, fills me with excitement. They’re also a lovely company with a passion for producing beautiful picture books that connect with children in a positive way.

The book I’m most excited about is Chalk Eagle, which is a tale about a young boy who uses his imagination to find adventure. It reminds me of the power of imagination that children have. When life seems uncertain and bleak we need to capture this power and use it to imagine a more beautiful world. This Christmas I will be spending Boxing Day with my massive Irish family. We spend the day eating, catching-up, and eating some more. The day will welcome new family members who are experiencing their very first Christmas, alongside a five-year-old who reignites my joy with his boundless enthusiasm. Children can find excitement everywhere.

The end of the year should be a thrilling time as we take stock of all that the last year brought us, and look forward to the endless possibilities of next year. We must have hope that the next year will be filled with more love, happiness and laughter than the one before.


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