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Playday 2018 celebrates the importance of play in children’s lives

By Simran Divatia

Hannah enjoy reading The New Baby and Me 

Some of my fondest memories come from running around with my friends as a child, imagining wild adventures, solving incredible mysteries and saving the world, and all in time to get home for tea! I have a vivid recollection of being 9 years old, marveling at how a big tree by the river seemed to have grown perfectly to hold onto as we climbed up into the branches. We said we could see the whole world from up on our little perch, and maybe back then, we really could!

Every child should have the right to play! Playday celebrates this right, and emphasises why it is so important that children are able to play. They need it for development, growth, and health, as well as just to make sure that they are enjoying their childhood as much as they can. Here at Tiny Owl, we know that all children need to have the chance to play, explore and have fun! Our books have found a way to encourage different types of play, through reading. Whether it is creative hands on activities, or playing imagination games where you can build your own fantasy world, our books celebrate the ways that children can have fun!

Imagination games were a huge part of my own childhood, and books like Chalk Eagle and A Rainbow in My Pocket have managed to capture the wonder and delight of this kind of play perfectly! They show how the power of a child’s imagination can completely change how they see the world around them, encouraging children to stretch their imagination so they can fill their dreams with fun and adventure.

There are also hands-on aspects to our books! At the end of The New Baby and Mebrilliant illustrator Hoda Haddadi has suggested fun activities to help children celebrate and prepare for a new arrival. With these, play takes a turn for the creative, and has the chance to produce beautiful and memorable artwork! Children can make collages and banners to get ready for a new sibling, transforming big life changes into something even more exciting and enjoyable!

The Drum gets children to take part in making music and having fun!

Let’s play and have fun with music! The Drum is a great book which encourages play, especially for younger readers. Part of our Children. Music. Life. series, this book gets children moving and dancing to the beat of the drum! Music helps the development of babies, ranging from the emotional and physical to their cognitive and sensory recognition. The Drum encourages children to interact and participate with the book, making sure they can fully enjoy the rhythm!

So whether children are rushing around in the summer sun, coming up with their own imaginary worlds and stories, dancing to the music they get to create themselves, or making wonderful artwork, today is a day to celebrate that they have the opportunity to do it! Our books have many ideas for fun ways that children can play, and have a childhood that is full of wonder and enjoyment!

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Simran is an intern with Tiny Owl

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