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The New Baby and Me
The New Baby and Me

Woo Hoo! We have a brand-new exciting challenge. We want you to tell your story about what happened when you introduced a new sibling into the family. These can be funny stories, stressful encounters, or uplifting endings. Even if you haven’t introduced a new sibling, but you know someone who has, perhaps a friend, sister or a brother, then we would still love you to join our challenge. Tell us the story you know and share your wisdom with others in this fun and creative challenge.

This challenge celebrates the release of our newest arrival: The New Baby and Me. It is a story about five siblings who wonder what their new baby brother will be like. Perhaps he will be a dreamer, an artist, an explorer, or a scientist. Either way, they are in for a big surprise when the new baby arrives. This incredible tale celebrates the joys of individuality with gorgeous collage style illustrations by Iranian illustrator Hoda Haddadi.

We’ll read through all the stories laughing with joy at the wonderful things children say and do. Our favourite one will receive a copy of The New Baby and Me, while, the other ones which we love the most will be featured on our blog in a collection of your stories. To enter please retweet us using the hashtag #NewBabyandMe and follow us on twitter if you don’t already. So please, tell us what happened when you introduced a new sibling into the family.

  • Read The New Baby and Me on the way
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