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Grobblechops is quirky and original!

Educational consultancy Just Imagine have featured a fab review of Grobblechops in their newsletter! Read it below!

The “monster under the bed” tale is a variation of the bogeyman which has existed for centuries, in various guises, all around the world. Grobblechops, the fourth in the ‘Tales by Rumi’ series published by Tiny Owl, is retold by award-winning author Elizabeth Laird, who brings Rumi’s fable to the 21st century with quirky and original illustrations by Jenny Lucander.

Amir’s worried about the monster under the bed! What if it has huge teeth and growls like a lion? What if it tries to eat him up? And what if the monster has a mum and dad too? But Dad reassures Amir that if the monster family comes to play, then Amir might just make a friend instead.

Tiny Owl’s ‘Tales by Rumi’ series explores retold fables by Rumi, a 13th Century poet and Sufi mystic.

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