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Read a fabulous review of A Rainbow in My Pocket by Melanié McGilloway for Armadillo:

A Rainbow in My Pocket
A Rainbow in My Pocket

Can you fit a rainbow in your pocket? The little girl in this beautifully lyrical Iranian picture book seems to think so. Of course, real rainbows won’t fit, but all you need to do is to make your dreams so big you can put lots of things inside them: keep a small piece of paper in your pocket and write down all your dreams, your wishes, your wonderings and see the rainbow rise. Written in poetic form, there is something really quite unusual about this book: it is a philosophical tale, which does not follow a traditional narrative but rather a collection of musings about the world around us, about living in the moment and enjoying things as we catch glimpse of it. Rather than giving us answers, A Rainbow in My Pocket encourages readers to go and discover their own rainbows.
The artwork consists of mixed media collage using textured paper, cloth as well as other natural materials. The collages are sparse, allowing for a lot of white space and this uncluttered style really helps to convey the little girl’s desire to live in that moment, and brings a wonderful ambience to a book which focuses on the wonder of the world and nature around us. An unusual book which will generate a lot of discussion and hopefully encourage creativity and a desire in children to go and create their own rainbows in their pockets.

A Rainbow in My Pocket
A Rainbow in My Pocket

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