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As part of our amazing multimedia project The Phoenix of Persia, we’ve created a free game for children to play! The Phoenix of Persia is a stunning picture book that retells an ancient Persian story about families and forgiveness, accompanied by original music.

The Phoenix of Persia Chain Game enriches children’s understanding of the story and the music by seeing if they can match up the illustration on their card with its definition. It can be played by up to twelve children, so you might want to print two sets and split into groups to play. Alternatively, you can play with two or more people and take multiple cards each.

This fun game is perfect for classes who have been using our free cross-curricular teacher resources. It’s a great way to refresh children’s knowledge of the book’s characters, the Iranian musical instruments they have learnt about, and what they represent in the story. Simply download the game, print it double-sided, cut out the cards and you’re ready to go!

Download The Phoenix of Persia Chain Game for free here!

You can find out all about The Phoenix of Persia, the music, the teacher resources and the Shahnameh Box here.

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