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Parents, teachers, and librarians – enjoy this free Under the Great Plum Tree activity!

All about loyal friendship and forgiveness, Under the Great Plum Tree takes you on a journey through the vibrant Indian jungle! It’s the perfect bedtime story for settling little readers. Continue your adventures with our activities!

Complete the maze

Download your free maze activity sheet!

It’s easy but fun! Challenge your children to complete this maze! Can they reunite Mr Magarmach (the crocodile) with his best friends Miss Bandari (the monkey) and Dame Hati (the elephant)?

Download your free maze activity sheet here!

Talk about the issues

An unlikely friendship forms between the kind-hearted Miss Bandari and the silly old Mr Magarmach in the heart of the Indian jungle. Under the Great Plum Tree is full of important ideas about how we should support our friends. The story is a great starting point for further discussion about the importance of friendship and having the courage to stand up for what’s right. Here are some questions you could talk about:

  • If you were an animal in the jungle, would you rather be a monkey or a crocodile? Why?
  • Is Mr Magarmach different to how you imagined a crocodile to be like? Why?
  • Can you think of any other stories of friendship?
  • Miss Bandari, the monkey, loves to listen to Mr Magarmach the crocodile’s exciting stories as they munch plums together. What stories do you like to tell your friends?

We would love to see your completed mazes! Make sure you post them on social media using the hashtag #GreatPlumTree!

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