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Let’s make Halloween special and inspire creativity!


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As Halloween draws closer and half term is upon us, we’ve put together this free, downloadable Grobblechops inspired activity sheet for parents and librarians, to help inspire all the little budding illustrators out there!

While using pencils and pens can be a great way for children to begin designing their monster, it can be exciting to explore and experiment with different art materials you might have lying around. Grobblechops illustrator Jenny Lucander, likes to use mixed media and make collages in her artwork.

Here are just a few crafts suggestions:

  • Cutting up scrap paper or old newspaper sheets and using them to create bedroom wallpaper could produce an interesting patch-work effect.
  • Dipping the rim of a bottle lid in paint might be useful for creating an outline for a monster’s head, body or piercing eyes.
  • Finger printing, using paint or watercolours, is another great way to develop mark making skills!
  • As autumn sets in and the leaves change colour, children could even go scavenging in the park and incorporate their finds into their design. They’ll be great for adding texture too!

Trust your child – you’ll be surprised by how creative and imaginative they can be. Let them come up with their own artistic ideas – I’m sure they’ll be far more impressive than ours!

In an interview on our blog, Jenny said she took inspiration for her unique monster from interesting creatures like dinosaurs and birds. Grobblechops can even change colours like a chameleon! As children work on their design, you could have a discussion with them about the different techniques they are using, and the different features of their monster. Will their monster have huge sharp teeth, colourful feathers or long claws? Will it be too enormous to fit under the bed? Let their imagination run wild.

It would be fantastic if we could see some of the finished designs! Just upload a photo via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #Grobblechops or tag us, and we will share it!

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