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Dare is wonderfully inspiring!

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Check out this thought-provoking review of Dare from Mamma Filz and her daughter on Instagram!

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Dare is such a feel good book that truly should be on bookshelves everywhere. The book brilliantly encourages children to speak out for what is right, to have big dreams and to appreciate that we are all unique and that being yourself matters. The book follows a group of children in various settings including a young boy contemplating diving into water, a girl appreciating the little things around her, children protesting for what is right, and siblings working successfully together. My nearly 6 year old and I discussed a great many things today including the protests that have been happening around the world. When I asked if she were at the protests what would her message be, she replied “Be kind.” ❤️ This book seamlessly tied everything we talked about so well and for that I am very grateful. I love the illustrations throughout the book. They capture a group of children representative of many ethnicities and includes a girl who wears a hearing aid who is also on the front cover. This is a wonderfully inspiring read. I’ve shared this review over on my blog also with more captures of the inside. The link in my bio will take you to . . . . . . .Thank you for our copy @tiny_owl_publishing #kidsbookstagram #bookstagrammer #friendshipbook #climateactivist #selfdetermination #beyourbiggestfan

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