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Dare is uplifting and inspiring!

Fab teacher Laura Baxter wrote a review of our new book Dare! Read it below!

Tiny Owl Publishing are on a mission to publish ‘picture books for everyone’ and this book meets this criterion. It is a fun but important message that speaks to all – young and old.

The delightful rhyming poem dares the reader to engage in life and to be the best they can be. I particularly like the quieter moments that encourage children to be mindful and to find joy in everyday simple events.

Polly Noakes’ illustrations are a delight. The cartoon-like images give the book a fun feeling and the partially coloured pictures draws the reader’s attention to the main focus of each page. It also gives the sketches a dreamy feel in places where the children are using their own imagination and draws us into their imaginings.

As a bit of a font geek, I enjoyed the shenanigans with the printed word and would certainly explore these choices with my class. It would be nice to explore the idea of daring yourself to be a better person with a class too, and to see what other suggestions they could come up with.

‘Dare’ is an uplifting and inspiring book – truly a picture book for everyone.

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