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Fab book blogger Kim & the Book Bairns has written a lovely review of Dare! Check it out!

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This is such a wonderful inspirational book packed full of messages of empowerment, encouragement and daring to be the best person you can be. The whole thing is such a beautiful poem with lines starting “dare to…” followed by a positive affirmation. I would love to share the whole thing here, but it’s doesn’t feel appropriate to type out the whole poem and I couldn’t shorten it and still do it’s poetry justice. So instead I read it aloud in my Stories for our #bookoftheweek feature which will be saved for a week in my highlights if you want to hear it. The illustrations feature children of all different backgrounds, all different colours, as well as more subtle messages of inclusion like a boy in a tutu and a character with a noticeable blue hearing aid. And I say subtle because it’s so brilliant to see these children in the illustrations without it being the explicit message of the story (i.e.they aren’t just depicted because the story is about a child getting a hearing aid, or a boy choosing to do ballet.) They are just there. Just like they are just there in the real world too. This is the sort of messages of empowerment and inclusion that we need to see in books too. To tell children that we see them. And allow them to see themselves in a story. It’s such a wonderful message for children, young readers and adults alike! My plan is to pop this one out regularly with breakfast so that BookBairn and The Wee Page Turner hear it’s wonderful message before they pop off to nursery in the mornings! (Sent by the publisher @tiny_owl_publishing for review.) #picturebooksforeveryone

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