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Dare invites children to explore and fully embody their personalities!

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A rhythmic provocation to dreaming and daring!

We can’t wait until Dare is released in the US in January. We absolutely love this wonderful review from Publishers Weekly!

Read it below!


This picture book poem expressed through rhyme invites children to explore and fully embody their personalities: “Dare to dream,/ Dare to fly higher.” Gutierrez urges readers to express daring as various opportunities present themselves. In one spread, readers are encouraged to “Dare to reach out/ and take a chance (one child reaches a hand out to another); in another, “Dare to be your own best friend,” a young person enjoys alone time casting shadow puppets on a wall. Noakes employs a loose, inky line and washes of watercolor to create playful scenes, featuring children of varying skin tones diverting themselves in shouts and whispers: bending to a rogue sidewalk flower, marching for a cause, and stargazing. A concise and rhythmic provocation to dreaming and daring. Ages 4–up.

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